Call on the experts
We want to emphasise that damp must be analysed and eliminated by professionals. Damp cannot be cured by an amateur or by doing-it-yourself.

Even the manufactures of special paints and sealants have come to recognise that their products cannot cure rising damp, but they can be used successfully in conjunction with a proper and lasting solution to rising damp.

State of the Art
Chemical injection, the damp proofing technique we use at FLIK is the most successfully used damp proofing method in South Africa today. Most construction materials can be treated, we use "SAFEGUARD-DAMPCHECK" and "WACKER 090L SILOXANES", both well proven products.

Here's the rundown on how we can protect the value of your property:
  • We cure rising damp in all kinds of buildings using chemical injection to create a new damp proof course.
  • We cure lateral damp with a combination of pressure-injection and the application of chemical tanking materials. We tank basements and soil retaining walls using the "SIKA" range of products.
  • We cure facade waterproofing problems by applying a silicone spray that penetrates the building material.